Informed Consent

In her fourth year at Brennan, Esther was finally granted the permission to run an ethnography unit. She had mentioned her desire to teach ethnography back when they first hired her. But her contract then had only been for ten months and she, a new, shiny, untried member of staff. Her contract had been renewed … Continue reading Informed Consent


Seven months pregnant my belly so stretched Red lava running up my tummy to my breasts, Constantly fighting to have you at home - Frowns at my stubbornness, hips and rude tone. A big bonny baby is safe 'they' say Where nervous old midwives can monitor all day, But faith and conviction are hard things … Continue reading Homebirth

A Funeral of Apples

The long and unusually hot Summer lead to an early Autumn of abundance. By September the trees in the Orchard were groaning under their weight of apples. Ned watched the pupils returning to the school and the school year begin with all its usual dramas about short staffing, challenging behaviour and unsupportive management. By mid-September … Continue reading A Funeral of Apples