You were named after Mary,

Which one you’re not sure:

The Virgin?

The Harlot?

The one who scrubs the floors,

Or was her name Martha?

Either way it’s not fair –

Your name is a burden that others don’t share.


‘Hail Mary Mother of God,’ the priests would intone

as all the kids around you inwardly groan.

They’d look up your skirt and start taking the piss,

‘Hail Mary of Slutville, come give us a kiss.’


Mary is Patient.

Mary is Good.

Mary is Holy.

Mary knows that she should

always be grateful for the life that she leads

and thank her Lord Saviour each day on her knees.


Only what if it’s bullshit?

What if it’s all crap

the tales of the Holy Family in a land before maps?

Can she really imagine that Mary gave birth

in a stable with animals and straw on the earth?

And all of those men who came every day,

Those Shepherds and Kings, even Joseph had a say

About what you should look like

And what you should wear

And how you are Saintly

And Mary don’t stare

 or even start thinking about making a fuss

when Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense mix with the musk

of animal faeces and blood from your birth,

Your Son is a God!

Now is not the time for mirth.


Mary is a Slut.

Mary is a Whore.

Mary is Promiscuous.

Of that all are sure,

Except that you really just did it for laughs,

Kissed Jason and Steve behind the swimming pool baths.


Somehow you never thought that Mary was weak

Or passively grateful and endlessly meek.

That Mary would deliver her Beauty to all,

If they came and paid for it – that was their call.

Only of course she was tarnished, spoiled, rotten goods,

Avoided and laughed at and nobody would

really see her as anything, truly worthwhile,

Unless they were fucking her against a pig sty.

But then He did see her and smiled and was kind

And had a foot fetish (which you don’t really mind)

And duly you washed those feet oh so rare,

In a room where 12 other Men sat and did stare.

Of course being men, they forgot a hand towel

So you used your own hair,

Was it Judas who growled and vengefully glared?

(With what happened afterwards, well who really cares).


A Saint or a Sinner, which one should it be?

Such brilliant choices for the 21st Century,

But deep down you know it’s only a name,

The people who mock you are stupid and lame;

There are a million other Marys who live on this earth,

Hail all those other Marys – it’s time for a rebirth

To be whatever the hell you will be,

Sod Biblical Historicity –

Time to be free.

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