On this Day!

Tune: Personent  Hodie. German Melody, 1360

Arranged by John Rutter

Sung for Miriam & Berry’s Wedding 28th July 2012 by four female voices

Lyrics: Barefoot Sociologist

Recorded and sung 16th December 2018 by Barefoot Sociologist.

On this Day

1. On this day of all days

In her gown and new ring

She did laugh, smile and sing

For her marriage to him

Binding vows she took them

Yes I do, do do,

Yes I do, do, do,

Yes I do, promise to

Love, Cherish, Adore him.


2. They were young when they met

He in black condom hat

She with white veiny legs

And a cocktail shaker

How could he resist her?

He did flirt, flirt, flirt,

She did flirt, flirt, flirt,

Unforeseen flirting leads

To a Procreation.


3. So the years carried on

Children born, a new dawn

Books and toys, jobs and cars

A home in quiet suburbia

No need to look further

Yes it is, is, is,

Yes it is, is, is,

Yes it is our life now

Peace and calm contentment.


4. Then he knelt on both knees

‘Marry me’ said his thighs

She did laugh, think, say ‘yes’

I will be your wife then

For as long as life then

Through the good, good, good,

And the bad, bad, bad

We will stand side by side

In this life together.


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