Days of the Week

Children’s Nursery Rhymes Revisited


On Friday you took to the streets with your friends:

‘There is no Planet B – make climate change end!’

On Saturday you flew to Barbados and read

that the insect population was critical – might soon be dead.

On Sunday your family slaughtered a goat

to celebrate your Homecoming – the meat stuck in your throat.

On Monday you strolled round the shops in the town

But the fashions were cheap and the cost made you frown.

On Tuesday you boarded a plane once again,

Your Co2 footprint gave your conscience a bad name.

On Wednesday the shipment from China was late,

You spent half the morning reassuring investors all was great.

On Thursday you signed up for another People’s March,

This time it was about deserts encroaching really fast.

Sometimes you do wonder if change happens at all,

You look at your own life and think the gains made are small

and inconsequential but try you really must,

It’s no laughing matter – Mother Earth’s about to go bust!

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