Dovers Rovers Plovers

Nonsense Rhymes and Tongue Twisters Revisited


Mormons marry many wives

How merry are those many wives?

If many merry Mormons marry

Can married wives make Mormons merry?


Dozy dogs of Dover

Dash down Delilah’s dam

Delilah drowns those dozy dogs

No more dovers dashing down.


Rows of robber rovers ride,

Rogue rovers ride a ropey roan

To rover ride a roan with rope

Will drive a robber rover rogue.


Playful plovers plume and plash

As plashing plovers play

To plume and plash like plovers do

Can plover plash away.


Tiny Tilly loves tittle tattle

To tattle tittle tiny Tilly tells

How tiny are her Tilly titties

Teeny-tiny Tilly’s tattle tells.

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