Poetry Rules

yesterday my Poetry Review arrived and reading through it

i have realised i’ll never be an in-vogue poet

to be a voguish poet i must first stop using rhyme

which it really seems is a cardinal crime

or employ a well-worn rhythm that keeps readers trundling along

that’s common as muck and boring like callow scuppernongs

which i randomly inserted so the rhyming it would work

and clever readers knowing what it means can really smirk

as you see i’m failing

though i’ve kept my letters small

and not used capitals or punctuation

which modish poets blackball

but this rhyme habit’s contagious and near impossible to break

so i’m going for a random


weirdly spaced




where all i feel is crushing




am i pre-menopausal or just poetically insane


as a striving edgy poet

the meaning never should be clear

you the reader must ponder

queerly question each frontier

of verbal insurrection

of grammar gone awry

of spaces


and pricklebacks

of dazzling mackerel skies

and whether poets need to rhyme

and why so few do try


at this point in proceedings the

crapola’s nearly done

i’m sticking with the rhymes and rhythms


Because I want to.

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