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Give me your bow of burnished steel,

Your arrows sharp and deadly,

Give me your pure and righteous zeal –

To kill this scum directly.

What has been done my wretched child?

Explain why you are shaking;

Before I grant you vengeance wild,

Make sure you’re not mistaken.

He promised love, he promised true,

He promised me forever –

And then I caught him screwing Sue,

He liked to fuck whoever.

I cannot give you back his love,

I cannot change his cruelty;

I can however dispose of

His harmful promiscuity.

I’ll slice and dice his manhood dear,

I’ll do it very slowly;

And in return you’ll volunteer –

You’ll join my Hunters wholly.

You’ll take no man of any kind;

You’ll live in my protection,

You’ll give your word – have peace of mind,

A life without rejection.

I promise you, I promise true,

I’ll hunt with you forever;

Now slice and dice his manhood through,

He’ll never fuck whoever.

Image: Apollo and Artemis, Attic Red Figure Tondo attributed to Brygos, c.470 BCE/ Louvre Museum, Paris

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