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They held me fast and tied me down,

An eagle ate my liver;

The sea rushed in – I did not drown,

Bound to this rocky pillar.


They punished me for gifting fire,

The Gods punished a Titan;

Did I know then fire would inspire,

That fire could enlighten?


From gifted fire – my act of treason,

They wrought and learnt anew;

They called for beauty, truth & reason,

For the many, not the few.


Their thirst for power grew year on year:

Gods, Titans, Kings – forsaken.

Eternity makes all things clear,

Too many were mistaken.


The fire I gave them long ago

Has brought us all to ruin;

The world it screams in hate and woe –

Fire will be our undoing.



Image: Prometheus and Atlas Amphoriskos Laconian Black Figure attribution unknown, c.530 BCE / Vatican Museums, Vatican City

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