The Howl

 does it Frighten you having The Howl in your bed

or is it quite sexy she laughingly said


for a long time The Howl was something I feared

but now yes quite sexy and wonderfully weird


too many men say The Howl is a Surprise

which always annoys me don’t they have Mums and Wives


perhaps it is something they choose to ignore

perhaps they’ve not read enough myth and folklore


but you know The Howl and you aren’t afraid

does knowing The Howl like you do get you laid


maybe that’s true but also too crude

i once saw my mum’s Howl outside in the nude


did it scare you to see The Howl so wild and free


to be honest my dad was more worried i’d see

her and cry

which is what my dad did

because after that night The Howl was something

she hid


yes she said quietly

that happens too much

concealing The Howl for fear it might touch

us in Strange and in Magical ways we don’t know

we swiftly repress it

never let it show

but tell me the story of seeing your Mum’s Howl


Her Eyes had Changed Colour and Her Voice was a Growl


alright he said carefully

 i’ll tell you my tale

of The Howl on our lawn on the night of the gales


the night of the gales when he was a lad

the night he stayed up because dad was so sad

just why dad was sad he couldn’t quite say

but that was the night The Howl came to play

he heard it three times outside the front door

but dad said he should just try and ignore

the scratchings and snufflings

the yips and the growls

instead he Opened the Curtains and

He Saw The Howl


it looked just like Mum

but also not really

A Wolf Mum with Wild Eyes

but mum loved him dearly

so what was she doing out there in the dark

with Neck Arched and Howling and Teeth like a Shark

there’s been a mistake and it isn’t his mum

because something about Her said She was having such Fun

and he couldn’t remember the last time He Saw

his Mum so Fantastical

so Hard to Ignore


just while he was pondering Mum on the lawn

dad closed the curtains and gave a fake yawn

he knew it was fake because dad’s eyes were wary

in fact dad was crying

which was even more scary

than a Wolf Mum luxuriating under the Moon

with a Glittering Howl that rattled the room

so he patted his dad on the arm and he said

we’re both really tired shall we head off to bed


the next morning mum was quite normal it seemed

she made him his toast as she washed up and cleaned

wrapped up in her apron so tidy and neat

it seemed quite impossible that last night in bare feet

she’d been a Wolf Mum that called on The Howl

was Wild and Impulsive



perhaps it was really a mad full moon dream

and nothing is ever quite as it seems


The Howl on the lawn never happened again

mum stayed so quiet



one dark winter’s evening when the Moon wasn’t full

he came home quite late from chess club at his school

and turning the corner of his quiet normal street

the hairs on the back of his neck gave a tweak

and he knew without turning The Howl had returned

that a Wolf was behind him with a


that could



he gasped and he ran as fast as he could

and didn’t look back

which really he should’ve

because standing behind him on that quiet normal street

was a small timid girl with a face oh so meek

who couldn’t quite grasp why the boy ran away

which happened a lot

for no reason she could say

except that her Mother and Sister would



One Day you’ll know why but not for a while


that is my story and now you have heard

how i saw The Howl and i give you my word

that i don’t think it’s foul



 or bad


but he could see that his words had made her so sad


I know you believe that and I wish that I could

help you to see The Howl

as Glorious


how it Heals and Empowers

and Helps Us Stay Strong

when the world all around Us says

We don’t belong

but you can’t understand

and it’s not out of spite

you think you are safer embracing

The Fright.

3 thoughts on “The Howl

  1. well that was just brilliant. I wanted to comment on your last contribution but did not as I felt it was an introduction to…. and so I have been waiting and thinking I don’t want to say anything and I don’t have to ay anything just wait, to hear what comes next. I loved this.

    Liked by 1 person

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