Give me a name.


Give me a name from antiquity.

Give me a name that destiny foretold.

Give me a name with history.

Give me a name meaning songs of old.

Give me a name that connects us.

Give me a name beyond oceans and sand.

Give me a name that is timeless.

Give me a name that all understand.


They gave me a name.

They called me Miriam.


Miriam who sang her people out of Egypt.

Miriam the Lady of the Sea.

Miriam who wept tears of bitterness and sorrow.

Miriam the Prophetess, the Seer.










My name has changed meaning and purpose.

My name has crossed vast troubled lands.

My name has had battles fought for her.

My name has blood on her hands.

My name is a boon and a burden.

My name is contested, unsure.

My name is quite old that is certain.

My name is not mine anymore.


It belongs to the World and its People

with their Wars and their Words and their Spite.

It belongs to the Rabbis and Preachers

with their Knowledge and Visions called Sight.

It belongs to the Past/Present/Future

and All That Has Been and Will Be.

It belongs to all folk and this person,

This person who I know as me.

2 thoughts on “Named

  1. what very moving words,, it has the rhythm and emotional pull of an anthem I feel stirred, roused,called upon then quited and sad. I would like to hear you declaim it on your 40th!

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