The Ides of March

She always said she had A Good War.

Dancing. Courting. Working.

as the Bombs Fell

and her Brother Died

and her Lovers Fought on various Fronts

and Food was Rationed.

it was still a A Good War.

Not, she would say

(gently touching the cover of a Holocaust Memoir)

Not Like This.


He called it The Cave Hospital.

a State-Of-The-Art Hospital in a cave.

Countless Babies delivered there

Wounded, Dying Civilians treated

in a Safe Place.

Until the coordinates were Shared

and the Bombs Started Falling.

A Moral Failure for All (is what he said)

because Clearly

the World does not Care. At All.


We are told this is a Once in a Generation Pandemic:

an Invisible War with Real Consequences.

we are going to Lose Loved Ones

200,000 dead. At Least.

panic buy Loo Roll. Pasta. Rice. Tinned Goods. Hand Sanitiser

remembering Always to Wash Our Hands!

be Kind and Neighbourly

as we Serenade the World from our Balconies

and (most importantly) practice Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

for we are All Lepers now.


4 thoughts on “The Ides of March

  1. can’t deny that this is very personal, lovely to feel Grandma come to life with just a few words, are you following the ides tradition and settling any debts with this or providing us with a perspective with which to view our world today?

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