I used to think essential meant Crucial and Key

as in

it is essential that x equals y and not 3

or knowing The Earth is as round as The Sun

is essential

unless you’re a Flat Earther

for fun

or having No Money essentially means broke

and challenging everyday racism is Woke

because essentially

life is Unequal


which everyone knows but Very Few care

and although we know Poverty really isn’t good

(the poor being essentially The Misunderstood)

to Change people’s attitudes is essential but Slow

because essentially people stick with what they Know

and don’t want to be told they are Wrong and a Twat

which essentially

you are saying when using Stats as Facts

for example

we know the World’s Warming too Fast

which we’ve measured each year through our Weather Forecasts

but somehow this means Climate Change is not real

and your Expert Opinion is essentially repealed

so yes

I thought I knew just what essential meant



easy to Misrepresent


but essential in the time of Covid-19

means Disease

Death and Dying

or stuck in Quarantine


our Actions and Deeds are now essential to all

it seems essential

(the word)

is Having A Ball

so Important and Timely and used everyday

often varied with Key



to say that everything now is

Essential and Necessary

which makes daily living essentially


because what you have Done or Forgotten to do

could Kill off your Nan

and others Weaker than you

by essentially not Washing Your Hands as you should

or keeping A Safe Distance in your neighbourhood

and not leaving enough Pasta

or Rice on the shelves

essentially you are just looking out for yourself

whilst others are Out doing such essential Work

it is essential the rest Stay At Home

go Berserk

by trying to teach your kids x can mean (wh)y

which is somehow essential but just makes you Cry


try teaching fractions through an essential Glass of Wine



now Empty

such a pedagogical goldmine

or when Working Remotely and talking into a screen

it is essential you don’t go and use the latrine

or your colleagues will see you

Poo on the Loo

which essentially undermines your point of view


essentially life is quite Mad and quite Strange

and I for one now am essentially Deranged

by the Endless news cycle on my Phone and TV

which is why I have descended into Etymology

which essentially means the History of Words as we know it

dressed up in Rhyme by this bored witless poet

but speaking of dressed

I should put some Clothes On

in this time of Isolation I’m shopping


on amazon

whose profits have soared due to our Sequestered Lives

unlike pubs

clubs and restaurants which will Not Survive

unless bailed out by Government

given Rent Holidays for free

(funny how Labour was mocked about their Magic Money Tree)

but when push comes to shove and a new Virus is Born

essential money is found like a Rainbow Unicorn

enabling Capitalism to flourish and essentially regroup

though avoid watching Paltrow steam her vagina on Goop

or colour coding your sock drawer

endlessly washing your floors

the time for that is never

even during The Corona Wars


dear Readers

we are in for a Marathon

fingers crossed we make it out with our essential Loved Ones.

4 thoughts on “Essential

  1. How can I get this put up on twitter I think it is fantastic. Especially that you made it endlessly go on and on and on and on just like this situation.

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  2. That’s very impressive to keep everything working in a longer piece like this. And talk about showing no fear in trying! and doing it. It’s nice how you move effortlessly from personal/individual ideas to more more universal/impersonal ideas. But maybe too the thing is that the impersonal is also very much personal (however, too many times we don’t realize this.) As in: Global warming is a very impersonal thing, or at least we think, when in reality it will effect all of us and become such a personal issues. Great work! But I could say that all your pieces.

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