Corona Clothing

It seems to me Corona Clothing is all the rage – though nobody currently calls it that. Rather, it is known as Working From Home clothes or What Day Is It clothes or We Don’t Have Enough clothes. Despite, or because of the pandemic, having the right kind of clothing is now, a matter of life and death. Helpfully, my inbox is full of ads & offers for clothes that will, ostensibly, save me from corporeal disintegration or endless pyjama days & even, despair over the mounting death statistics. So, if I wear the latest fine-knit gauze cashmere sweater & washed pink organic cotton joggers, will this mean that I, at least, am dressed in proper protective attire? Such sentiments I know, sound suspiciously like some morally-laden diatribe about essential versus non-essential clothing & the righteous sanctioning of the person who does indeed buy the fine-knit gauze cashmere sweater (which is really not my intention) because after all, if you do buy, whatever it is you are buying, aren’t you enabling our sclerotic, bear economy to trundle along, one purchase at a time? At some point, no doubt, we will all be instructed to shop. Locally. Globally. Frantically. As an act of national emergency, of patriotic necessity & as a way out of (another) recession. At present though, in these Covid times where a day is a month & a week a year & what I can do is restricted to Staying At Home & consuming a diet of death & disease through epidemiological models with curves that desperately – frantically – need to be flattened I think that maybe yes, finding the perfect azure blue dress that flatters & drapes – Just So – over an ageing, tired body, & wearing that dress on a future summer evening surrounded by friends & laughter & wine; finding something like that in Times Like These is the real purpose of Corona Clothing.

2 thoughts on “Corona Clothing

  1. I always enjoy your thoughts – this one today in particular. I have been struck by the similar invasion of my inbox and also the creativity of small independent businesses desperately trying to keep ticking over in some small way. The plant-dyed, organic cotton, comfortable underwear suddenly becoming more appealing – (the language of pure and natural!) – giving them an extra boost in popularity and revenue as long as the small factory producing the fabric can still function … then of course it goes on and on to the factory worker in this small factory and the choices that are made there and on… thanks for this morning’s threaded thinking! Take good care.

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  2. Thoughtful as always. Many layers here to unwrap. Love the questions you added here and there. It’s strange that the days are running together more and more, the weekend is everyday, the time seems to be moving almost faster but slower at the same time. I love how this piece shows that there isn’t one answer to everything. There are many different ways to look at something, and everything is revolving around a constant pull between no and yes, a push and pull, “essential versus non-essential”. Perhaps what we have found out is that essential and non-essential have their differences but that they also are closer to each other than we first thought, like siblings–same but different. Always love reading your words. Really think you made this relatable. Really good opening and really good ending!

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