Our New Normal


when breathing was normal, just something you did?

Not inhaling a virus & getting sick quick.



when wearing a face mask was Halloween art

& queuing wasn’t standing two metres apart?



when distance wasn’t seen as socially good

& shielding was a word no-one understood?



when coughing or sneezing wasn’t a clear infection sign

& hugging or kissing your friends was just fine?



when flying for holidays, work or abroad was actually expected

& wasn’t outlawed?



when attending a festival, hearing music played live

wasn’t a viral disaster that helped the R-number thrive?



when eating out in restaurants was a choice you could make

& staying in was optional, not a government mandate?



when going to pubs was part of the week

& drinking at home wasn’t Quarantine chic?



when working meant leaving your house as a home

& Zoom as an app wasn’t yet known?



when furlough was something new & unheard

& getting paid for not working completely absurd?



when education was done in Uni’s & Schools

& taught face to face not on digital tools?



when living in cities equalled fortune & fun?

Not cramped in a tiny flat with no garden or sun.



when leisure was a hobby you did on the side?

Not time-restricted movement & regimented exercise.



when sitting in a park, on a beach, or a hill was quite unremarkable?

Not a selfish act that kills.



When collective clapping was for talks & for plays?

Not for essential workers who aren’t properly paid.



when reading was escapism & for light relief?

Not daily death graphs & government briefs.



your life before COVID arrived?

Now remember all those who have not survived.

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