Darkness is your country

A tritina inspired by Ursula le guin’s 1983 ‘a left-handed commencement address’

To wander alone, late at night, in the dark

is foolish. Who knows what might happen to women

out there? Best stay safe indoors.

House. Home. Hearth = Indoors.

These are spaces built to exclude the dark

and protect a family. In particular women.

It has been the (his)story of women

to live constrained domestic lives indoors.

Watchful and wary of the dark.

Yet, even indoors, women know – the dark is everywhere.

One thought on “Darkness is your country

  1. Thanks for the link to Ursula Le Guin’s speech I did not know it and really enjoyed reading it especially in the context of your poem, which when I read it filled me with hope and courage and also sadness that darkness is for so many a place of fear.

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