February Fragments


Groundhog Day is grey,

Winter is over & Spring?

a snowfall away.


Snow, snow and more snow.

Minus temperatures at night

& garden swimming.


Snowdrops – first flowers.

This year we leave them growing

for you, are not here.


The wind feels warmer.

Birds chirp in the trees, buds swell

& we slowly pack.

Against the backdrop of another national lockdown and with over 100K Covid deaths in the U.K., I set myself the challenge of writing haikus throughout February. I managed four. They cover the weather, snow swimming in the garden, my son’s 20th birthday (the first celebrated away from home) and our impending move from the house we raised our children in.  I love the haiku for its brevity, technical rigor and meaning that can be both obvious and subtle. Perhaps, given the state of the world, focussing on nature, family and writing, was an act of resistance. Or perhaps, turning my gaze away from the mess of the world, was simply easier …

One thought on “February Fragments

  1. or perhaps elements of both. our feelings unlike a haiku are rarely brief and never technical,but three cheers for resistance and a bit of oblivion in current times is essential. Good to hear your voice again.

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