Give me your bow of burnished steel, Your arrows sharp and deadly, Give me your pure and righteous zeal – To kill this scum directly.   What has been done my wretched child? Explain why you are shaking; Before I grant you vengeance wild, Make sure you're not mistaken.   He promised love, he … Continue reading Hunter


You wore tights till you were ten, They kept your goolies cosy; Now tights it seems are not for men, Unless you ride the toby*.   *ride the toby – to practise highway robbery. Beale, P. (Ed.) (1984)  A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English London: Routledge. pp. 1242 'Men in tights' song … Continue reading Tights

Poetry Rules

yesterday my Poetry Review arrived and reading through it i have realised i'll never be an in-vogue poet to be a voguish poet i must first stop using rhyme which it really seems is a cardinal crime or employ a well-worn rhythm that keeps readers trundling along that’s common as muck and boring like callow scuppernongs … Continue reading Poetry Rules