If at first you don’t succeed How many times must you try again? It’s blatantly obvious you don’t fit the breed Of reputedly notable dead white old men.   Continual rejections and failures reinforce That success is a Grail few can achieve Where the rules and requirements are written in Morse And the idea of … Continue reading Success


Tall purple tulips by towering granite walls, Unimagined lives cloistered within those narrow halls. You reach out to pluck one, caress its perfect shape, They are the only patch of colour in this urban landscape. The grey of the high-rise shuts out the sky, You leave the tulips growing, walk to a supermarket nearby, Buy … Continue reading Tulips


Are you happy? He asks whilst slurping his soup, It’s his new favourite topic that goes on in a loop, How happiness is something you find and achieve, It’s not something that’s arbitrary, elusive, misconceived.   I am grateful for many things here in my life, My health, this house, the heating on at night. … Continue reading Happiness