Fuck is a four-letter word

if you were to write an ode to Fuck what would you say?     the word fuck is Germanic in origin   for many people Fuck is a really rude word they never say   apparently fuck used to mean To Strike   my son uses Fuck constantly like it is just any old … Continue reading Fuck is a four-letter word

Sunshine Toes

Do toes remember sunshine? Do they wake up each morning & say, whilst half-asleep & under layers of duvet, remember that summer of sun & sea & salt on our skin? Do they long for the heat & warmth & light that seeps gradually, irresistibly, into sinews & bones? Do they say, enough of socks … Continue reading Sunshine Toes

Coupled Conversations

when i look back it was that sunday in the pub when things really started to Change   we had been out to lunch then stopped at our local for a sleepy afternoon pint it was unseasonably warm the pub was half-full   Coronavirus she said authoritatively glancing at me for confirmation   conversations with … Continue reading Coupled Conversations