Postcard from the North

Dearest, I am writing to say thanks for thinking of me but no thanks. My hands are in the soil and my body in the water and my mouth is singing. These things take me away from you and the world we inhabit together. Let me go, for trying to stay splinters who I am … Continue reading Postcard from the North

The Dog Needs Botox

A sestina. with the six repeating words chosen by jess, john & sveta. He gets up every morning at 6am to walk the dog. At this time of year, the ground is thick with frost – the stars his guiding light. Walking feeds his soul and prepares him for home, where she, and conflict await. … Continue reading The Dog Needs Botox

Coupled Conversations

when i look back it was that sunday in the pub when things really started to Change   we had been out to lunch then stopped at our local for a sleepy afternoon pint it was unseasonably warm the pub was half-full   Coronavirus she said authoritatively glancing at me for confirmation   conversations with … Continue reading Coupled Conversations

Flowering Equality

The dream was equality.   Eventually. Inevitably. It would happen.   Every year women take to the streets with placards documenting ongoing Domestic violence. Rape. Income inequality. Everyday sexism. Intersecting racisms. Endemic ageism.   49.6% of the world’s population are not equal. At all.   Every year he gives her flowers; Mimosa blossoms (if he … Continue reading Flowering Equality